BCS Total Wellness

We are excited to announce and launch the BCS TOTAL WELLNESS program for 2020/2021! We think you will be just as excited when you hear all that is being done to help improve the current and future health
of our employees! is program is in effect June 1, 2020, through May 31, 2021, and is provided at no cost to all eligible* BCS employees and spouses. We will be partnering with FMC and the Center for Functional Medicine. To enroll, please contact Erin Schmidt, the RN-Wellness Coordinator at wellness@bcsama.org, or call (806) 337-5415.

Participating employees will be able to earn incentives through points earned by completing various components offered through our program. Based on the schedule below, payment will be made for the accumulation of points at the end of the 2020-2021 program. You must be employed at the time of annual payment — no early payments will be made. The program components and point system can be found below.

To encourage more physical activity, we will continue to offer Amarillo Town Club membership reimbursement to BCS employees who attend ATC a minimum of 8 visits per month. These monthly visits will help you earn monthly activity points. We will also be adding monthly on-site wellness group classes in which you can earn points. These classes, hosted by the Center for Functional Medicine, will include nutrition, wellness, and fitness classes. CFM classes will be held both on-site at the Park Central downtown campus and at the Center for Functional Medicine. Plus, you also have the option to earn points for physical activity if you work out at home!

The program components (listed below) will be tracked through a wellness portal. You will be able to access this portal via your smartphone, computer, or any web browser. You must register on the wellness portal to track points to earn the annual incentive. e wellness portal will walk you through the program, track the accumulation of your points, introduce wellness challenges, and give you tons of information to help you stay
active and healthy.

We hope you see this as a valuable addition to our already abundant schedule of benefits. Healthy living is a goal for all of us, and this tool will be a great support in reaching that goal! Should you have any questions or
wish to enroll, please feel free to email us at wellness@bcsama.org or call Erin Schmidt at (806) 337-5415.

*You must be full-time or part-time to be eligible to participate in this program. Spouses are eligible to participate in the program but are not eligible to earn the cash incentives.